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Select one of our services and book an appointment with Nora.

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When you arrive for your treatment, Nora will discuss any concerns and make suggestions for you based on your unique skin needs.

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Enjoy the treatment and the confidence that comes with having a professional in your corner looking out for your skin!


Nora Gilman- Divine Cosmetic Enhancements

You deserve a skin care expert in your corner to help you:

  • Analyze the health of your skin
  • Set goals and expectations
  • Customize a treatment plan unique to you
  • Deliver treatments you (and your skin!) will love
  • Recommend products for your specific needs
  • Fight early signs of aging and other conditions
  • Always help you look your natural best

What our clients say

We are so thankful for all our lovely clients! Here’s what they have to say about every type of service we offer in their Google reviews.

Nora is amazing! Extremely professional while being the most sweet and friendly person! After my first session with her my skin is so much smoother and clearer. Age spots have diminished in just two days of using the recommended products. Can’t wait for my next appointment.
– Sandy S.

Nora is the best! You will find all you need to help improve your skin at Divine cosmetic enhancements very professional, clean, great customer service would recommend her to anyone. I had a Hydrofacial procedure done and loved it! Left my skin beautiful along with the products Nora recommended made it even better leaving my skin glowing, radiant, clean, smooth. Looking forward to my next appt. Thank you!.
-Jival L.

Nora you never cease to amaze me. I went in for a microneedling treatment with retinol. After a few days of peeling my skin looked absolutely beautiful. You did an amazing job of preparing me for what to expect and what the outcome would be. You show a wonderful sense of care and concern for your clients that I have never before experienced. Thank you so much for making my skin look beautiful again.
-Angie L.

Nora is amazing, professional, patient, accommodating, listens and most important, does a great job. It was my first time getting my eye brows microbladed, they came out beautiful!!! Thank you.
– Ana J.

Going to do my facial with Nora is one of the things I look forward to the most every month. Not only is she the sweetest and provides the best service, but she uses quality products and ensures that your experience is super relaxing and that you get the right kind of treatments for your skin type. I am beyond happy with the service and the results every time.
-Alexis B.

I’d wanted to have my eyebrows done for awhile (they were disappearing!). A friend recommended Nora. I love everything about the experience and my new eyebrows! Nora is careful, professional, listens to what you want, and she’s a perfectionist! She posted before and after photos of my eyebrows so I can tell you those pictures are the real deal — no photoshop! Well worth my time and money!.
– Frances R.

Nora is an excellent aesthetician! She has helped me with pigmentation issues, and I always feel like my skin looks amazing after seeing her. She is very professional and creates an environment where your concerns are her priority. I highly recommend Nora for any of your skin care needs.
– Aleesa P.

Nora and I have been close friends since 2007. She has wanted to give me beautiful eyebrows for the last 5 years, but I was reluctant to do this type of procedure. I finally gave all my trust to her and her professional skills and I am so glad that I did! She took all the time necessary to ensure I would be very happy and completely satisfied with the finished product! I think she did a fabulous job and I highly recommend her!
– Shanna G.



  • Instant radiant glow
  • Infuses hydration
  • Deeper cleansing
  • Skin ready to allow products to go deeper
  • Revives dull skin
  • Exfoliates
  • Cleans out pores

Fire and Ice Red Carpet

  • Smooths and resurfaces skin with heat
  • Hydrates and nurtures with cooling
  • Boosts cell regeneration
  • Reduces pore size for youthful looking skin
  • Treats hyperpigmentation and rosacea
  • $150/90MIN

Anti-Aging Facial

  • Customized treatment
  • Treats dark spots and sun damage
  • Rejuvenating
  • Evens skin tone
  • $120/75MIN

Purifying Experience

  • Brightens and clarifies skin
  • Clears out oils and toxins
  • Treats dull and rough skin from acne and breakouts
  • $115/60MIN

Teen Facial

  • Deep cleansing
  • Extracts blackheads
  • Clears out pores
  • Perfect for oily and blemish-prone skin
  • $85/60MIN

Advanced Treatments

Fibroblast Pen

  • The non-surgical facelift!
  • Non-invasive with minimal downtime
  • Lifts sagging skin
  • Tightens loose skin
  • Also treats age spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation
  • Results often seen immediately
  • Continued improvement with healing time
  • $300+

Chemical Peels

  • Removes upper layer of dead and damaged skin
  • Deeper and more targeted treatment than facials
  • Faster results than facials
  • Treats fine lines
  • Treats acne
  • Treats scarring and pitted scarring
  • Treats chronic dry skin
  • Treats hyperpigmentation
  • Stimulates collagen to tighten skin
  • $150+


  • Minimally invasive
  • Treatment to stimulate collagen making skin smoother and firmer
  • Improves skin texture
  • Treats fine lines and wrinkles
  • Treats acne scars
  • Treats brown spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Treats large pores and pitted scarring
  • Treats stretch marks
  • Choice of lactic treatment, retinol treatment, or hydrating mask with microneedling treatment
  • $275/90MIN

Dermaplaning with Lactic Peel

  • Exfoliates top layer of skin
  • Removes peach fuzz
  • Clears away dead dry skin
  • Improves and smooths skin texture
  • Promotes growth of newer, younger-looking skin
  • $115/75MIN

Permanent Makeup

MicroShading/ Powder Brows/ Ombre Brows

  • Permanent makeup to enhance the look of eyebrows
  • Natural looking hair-like strokes
  • Low maintenance brows
  • Natural looking results
  • No more time spent filling brows!
  • $500/3HRS
  • $150/90min (Touch up)

Lash Lift and Tint

  • Semi-permanent curl to natural lashes
  • Added definition
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting results
  • Great alternative to lash extensions
  • $100/90MIN

Lip Color and shaping

  • Fuller looking lips
  • Long lasting color
  • Color for pale and aging lips
  • Correct asymmetrical lips
  • Full lips without injectables
  • Customized color for your specific preferences
  • $550/2HRS

Eyelash enhancement

  • Invisible eyeliner
  • Permanent makeup on the lash line
  • Gives the appearance of darker and fuller lashes
  • Natural looking results
  • Make eyes look wider and brighter
  • $400/90MIN

Eyeliner / Foxyliner

  • Permanent eyeliner or gradient liner tattooing
  • Gives definition to eyes
  • Enhances lashes
  • Customized to your style: natural, subtle smokey, classic cat-eye, your choice!
  • $400-600/2HRS

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