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Welcome to Divine Cosmetic Enhancements

Everyone deserves a relaxing day.


Nora Gilman - Aesthetician/ Permanent Cosmetics Artist/ Certified Microblading Trainer - For the past 9 years, Nora has been in the beauty industry making people feel fabulous by correcting various skin conditions, performing a variety of skin treatments & offering Electrolysis for permanent hair removal!

In 2016, Nora decided to add to her services and attended the Jhon-Jhon Institute to become a Definition Brows - Microblading Certified Master Trainer/Practitioner, EliminInk Certified Master Trainer/Practitioner, and Permanent Makeup Certified Practitioner.

Our Mission

The mission of Divine Cosmetic Enhancements is to provide you with the best available resources, allowing you to achieve optimum enhanced cosmetics and natural beauty by combining the art & the science of both. We care for your personal look, your skin, body & mind in an inviting and relaxed atmosphere with a highly educated staff committed to the customer experience above all.

Our fundamental advantage is our deep understanding of cosmetic enhancements. Our founders are experienced, board-certified technicians who have spent years studying & teaching the art of beauty.

We are board-certified practitioners that are highly trained in the services we offer.

When our Spa team recommends a product or performs a procedure, it is with the knowledge & expertise that only comes from specialists focused on your image & your skin.

Our experienced & knowledgeable staff, state-of-the-art equipment & treatments, as well as quality product lines, makes Divine Cosmetic Enhancements a premier center for Enhanced Cosmetics, Skin, Health and Beauty.

Our Services

Microblading/Shading initial visit

Time: 2:30 Points: 100 Price: $450 & Up

Microblading/Shading Touch-up

Time: 1:30 Points: 100 Price: $200


Time: 1:0 Points: 25 Price: $30 & Up

Chemical Peels

Time: 1:15 Points: 100 Price: $125 & Up

Tattoo Removal

Time: 2:0 Points: 100 Price: $175 & Up

Lip Color & Reshaping

Time: 2:0 Points: 100 Price: $300 & Up


Time: 1:30 Points: 100 Price: $250


Time: 2:0 Points: 100 Price: $300 & Up


Time: 1:0 Points: 100 Price: $300 & Up

Eyelash Enhancement

Time: 1:30 Points: 100 Price: $300 & Up

Fire & Ice Facial

Time: 1:30 Points: 100 Price: $125 & Up

Anti-Aging Facial

Time: 1:30 Points: 50 Price: $90 & Up

Teen Facial

Time: 1:0 Points: 50 Price: $65 & Up

Purifying Facial

Time: 1:15 Points: 100 Price: $85 & Up

Papaya Enzyme Facial

Time: 1:15 Points: 50 Price: $85 & Up

Renewal/ Rejuvenating Facial

Time: 1:15 Points: 100 Price: $100 & Up

Dermaplaning w- Lactic Peel

Time: 1:15 Points: 100 Price: $125 & Up


Our Hours








9:00 am
6:00 pm




9:00 am
6:00 pm


9:00 am
6:00 pm

Divine Cosmetic Enhancements

Porte Noire

Winter Park, FL 32789

(407) 219-0567


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